Vimmaa (Frenzy)


”Vimmaa is a seductive and provocative performance. It is not rude or vulgar, even though some moments resemble sexual act. This directness surprises, but at the same time it is most natural and beautiful.”
Eeva Kauppinen, Theatre&Dance magazine 6/2012

“Expressed with spoken words the outcome would have been just a pale reflection compared to what JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre brought on stage at Oulu City Theatre with contemporary dance.”
Kari Lunnas, Pohjolan Sanomat Newspaper 27.9.2012

“Now, for people who love proper action or grave for extreme experiences, it is time to head for Oulu City Theatre’s small stage. Dance performance Vimmaa (Frenzy) offers an intensive and sweaty lesson on how physical emotions really can be. Vimmaa is for sport fans and for art enthusiastics. For sure in the audience shoulders tighten and energy lifts while the emotion avalanche hits you like a tornado, again and again.”
Petri Kauppinen, Kaleva Newspaper 22.9.2012

Vimmaa is a contemporary dance thunderstorm, where dancers try to avoid getting hit by the movement lightning or being drenched by the emotion rain. Vimmaa is an extremely physical piece for four dancers and a drummer. The choreography is a precise and sweaty mix of motion, emotion, rhythm and character that reflects on what we see, feel, read, say and are in life for each other. The duets develop from plain to dramatic and from fierce to delicate. Vimmaa mixes movement, explores emotions and piles up meaning.

Choreographer Satu Tuomisto describes: “I always make quite pure, abstract movement first and then at some point start graving for some emotion and proper action – some risk and sweat, laughter and tears. This time, working on Vimmaa I decided to do it the other way round. Let’s have bags full of shouting and jumping, overdose ourselves with love and desperation, and then see how we carve out the movement language from all that. Perhaps at some point, while screaming and laughing, I start graving for some peace and quiet, let’s see!”

Vimmaa is produced by Oulu City Theatre and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre.

Premiere: 20th September 2012, Oulu City Theatre

Choreographer: Satu Tuomisto
Dancers: Elena Ruuskanen, Sofia Pintzou/ Milla Virtanen, Fornier Ortiz and Teemu Korjuslommi
Music: Lauri Tuohimaa
Lights: Mika Ryynänen
Sound engineer: Kari Koret
Sound engineer on tour: Jussi Heikkinen
Producer: Leena Erähalme
Co-produced by: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Oulu City Theatre, Satu Tuomisto +Comp
Funded by: Finnish Cultural Foundation – North Ostrobothnia, Arts Council of Finland and Huber Art Foundation
Funding for touring: City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation

Premiere 20 Sept 2012 at 7pm
Other performances
21.9. 7pm, 27.9. 7pm, 29.9. 6pm, 5.10. 7pm, 7.10. 3pm, 13.10. 7pm, 17.10. 7pm, 26.10. 7pm, 1.11. 7pm

On Tour
Springdance Festival, Utrecht, Holland, 23.4.2012
638 Kilo Tanz Festival, Essen, Germany, 19.10.2012
Yokohama Dance Collection Ex, Yokohama, Japan, 3.2.2013
M Theatre, together with NOW Dance Company, Seoul, South Korea, 27.-28.2.2013
Dans i Novembermörkret Festival, Nordanåteater, Dansväxthuset/ Skellefteå, Sweden 21.11.2013
Yksin sateessa? Festival, Joensuu City Theatre, main stage, 23.11.2013
Hämeenlinna City Theatre, main stage, 24.11.2013
Cable Factory: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki 3.-4.12.2013, tickets from Tiketti
Festival Internacional de Ballet, Cali, Colombia, 3.-5.6.2014

More info: Oulu City Theatre
JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

Vimmaa in the media

Vimmaa at the Air Guitar World Championships Finals 23.8.2012