Tell Me Something


She has a big balloon floating above her, tied in her waist, as she says: “He said tell me something about you. I said, I like balloons. I like giraffes. They both have their head up in the air. If a balloon would have a head, that is.”

A humorous solo of an ordinary woman and her extraordinary stories where the surprises will keep you in a tight hold till the end. Without asking she grabs you with her for a voyage skipping from genuine sincerity via bubbly exhilaration to slight lunacy. Beautifully honest movement links in organically with the soft voice, until it all starts cracking up.


Premiere: 18 January 2008 at Europalia-festival in Brussels and 22 May 2008 at European Dance Platform –festival in Frankfurt.


Choreographer: Satu Tuomisto
Dancer: Satu Elovaara
Producer: Johanna Rajamäki
Commissioned by Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux
Created at Clarence Mews Residence in London
Costumes donated by IVANA Helsinki
Funding: Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux (Brussels) and Clarence Mews (London)


Tell Me Something at Junge Hunde Festival 6.-7.11.2010
Junge Hunde Festival video