Sinua (You)


Sinua (You) is about meeting for the first time, a wooden sauna, a long list of verbs and a wedding waltz. Without the waltz.

Audience comments in the OuDance Festival blog:

“…like a whirl of love, one where the young couple falls whilst laughing and playing … raised a question why the repetitive circular movement is so addictive, that you don’t need anything else to hypnotize the audience?”

“A sensitive and fragile story happening in the sauna, boat, snow fighting… something incredibly Finnish in the minimalism and serenity.”

Choreography: Satu Tuomisto
Dance: Anni Pilhjärta and Jarmo Lind (of Rimpparemmi Folk Ensemble)
Music: Lauri Tuohimaa
Lights: Mika Ryynänen
Costumes: Kaija Maunula (of Rimpparemmi Folk Ensemble)

Premiere: 22 July 2013 Full Moon Dance, Pyhäjärvi

On Tour:
13.9.2013 OuDance Festival in Oulu
21.9.2013 The Night of The Arts, Ranua
Kajaani 16.-17.11.2013
Rovaniemi 26.6.2014

Sinua (You) is part of Kinos (Snowdrift), a triple bill produced by the Regional Dance Centre for Northern Finland. Windblown dance makers have piled up into a heap – dipped into the snowdrift are JoJo, Rimpparemmi, Routa and the Full Moon Dance. Shovelling the snow are choreographers Matti Paloniemi, Kira Riikonen and Satu Tuomisto.