Play The Choreographer


Interactive dance game

In Play The Choreographer dance game everyone gets to try out being an Artistic Director. In this game, the players don’t dance, but they get to choreograph for two professional dancers. In addition to the professional dancers, the player has access to a list of choreographic options, from which they “pick and mix” their choices and create their own choreography for the dancers.

Remains to be seen whether the result is full of creative excellence or a total mess – a box office hit or an unexpected artistic flop, the Event of the Year or a comic stumble. Play the Choreographer is a game for the whole family – a game that makes you laugh and introduces a new way of learning more about dance. The game is played through an iPad app that has been developed in collaboration with a game software company called Rock Dice.

It all started when choreographer Satu Tuomisto and dancer Elena Ruuskanen discussed how dance could be more accessible to the public through a fun and participatory activity. An educational dance game was born – one where people could enjoy and practise their own creativity whilst learning about creative processes involved in dance making.

“I love choreography. At the beginning I usually start from a need to address something in my life. This then develops into a vision for a piece of new work. Often the initial inspiration can be a tiny idea, a little thought, a feeling, a desire. It is incredible to see how this small idea grows into a dance performance over the months of working with the dancers. It surprises me every time. Play The Choreographer offers the public an opportunity to experience this wonderful creative process in small scale, in a safe environment, with our assistance. The game can be played by anyone, and I am convinced that everyone finds excitement when they realise the impact their choices have on the performance. It is addictive to play the dancers in many ways in the same way as musicians play their instruments”, Tuomisto says.

Concept: Satu Tuomisto and Elena Ruuskanen
Dancers: Elena Ruuskanen and Julian Owusu
Host: Satu Tuomisto
Production: Satu Tuomisto +Comp, Rock Dice, Musta-Pekka
In collaboration with: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Oulun Kongressitekniikka

Premiere Games: at OuDance Festival 12-14 Sept 2012, Finnkino Plaza, University of Oulu, Rotuaari Stage and Cultural Centre Valve

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Contact Producer Leena Erähalme leena(at) / tel +358 40 732 0942


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