Mirjami and Mikael


Mirjami and Mikael is a duet for a female and a male dancer and a
bucket full of humour. Investigating the nature of relationships, the duet
questions the roles within relationships and the competitiveness that
may arise. Strong battles for power become the enveloping environment
of Mirjami and Mikael’s relationship with fast paced encounters even
manifesting themselves in remote controlled cars. The choreography
is characterised by fast, physical contact and partnering work: lifts,
aggressive touch and sensual skin slide into hilariously idiosyncratic un-
trendyness and right back again. Lighting design is a vital aspect of the
piece with homely kitchen lamps and shadows from imaginary windows
complementing the paared of hanging lampshades that form the physical
setting for the work.


Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, Helsinki, February 2007

The Place, London, May 2007
Théâtre 140, Brussels, January 2008


Choreography: Satu Tuomisto
Dancers: Giorgio Convertito and Satu Elovaara
Lighting designer: Mia Kivinen
Music: Roger d’Olivere Mapp
Set design: Mia Kivinen, Roger d’Olivere Mapp and Satu Tuomisto
Producer: Johanna Rajamäki
Photos: Roger d’Olivere Mapp