Leijonadisko (Lion Disco)

For babies and toddlers (0-2-years). Premiere 27 Jan 2019, Annantalo (Helsinki).

Lion Disco is a soft and happy performance for children under 3 years old. The little people may dance wild or gently with the lions. There is no need for seated audience since the children get to join the disco with the performers.

Duration: 35 mins
Age: 0-2-year-olds

Concept Satu Tuomisto
Dancers Amandine Doat and Satu Tuomisto
Cellist Aino Juutilainen

Thank you: Maija Linturi for puppetry consultation

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki City

Premiere 27.1.2019 at 12 and 15 Small Size Days -event, Annantalo, Helsinki

14.5.2019 at 10 and 14 Rovaniemi Library, Rovaniemi

2.11.2019 at 11 and 13 Children’s Cultural Centre Pessi, Vantaa, Kulttuurikaruselli

22.11.2019 at 10 Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora, Espoo

4.2.2020 at 11 Lasten kulttuuriviikot, Meijeri, Loviisa

** POSTPONED ** 29.3.2020 at 15 and 17 Turun Seikkailupuisto, Turku