Lähellä (Close) – Work for Finnish National Ballet


“My intention was to create intimate duets filled with warmth and happiness, combined with passion and energy, while avoiding being too sentimental. Jukka Poika was my first and only choice for music: his music has a sense of strength and strong emotion beautifully knotted with sensitivity and vulnerability.” – Satu Tuomisto


Premiere: 9 September 2011, Finnish National Opera
Choreographer: Satu Tuomisto
Costumes: Rebecca Ahava
Lights: Vesa Pohjolainen
Music: (recording) Jukka Poika, Selecta Andor
Choreographer’s Assistant: Elena Ruuskanen
Ballet Master: Kare Länsivuori
Dancers: Auri Ahola, Terhi Räsänen, Sara Saviola, Henrik Burman, Johan Pakkanen, Eemu Äikiö


Finnish National Opera