Kilpatanssi Remix (Ballroom Remix)

Ballroom Remix plus apart ballroom dancing. Typical ballroom dance patterns and movements are remixed into a dense parallel version. The piece uses ballroom dance in an unpredictable way, shaking the conventions.

The piece gradually peeles off external factors from ballroom dance; practiced facial expressions, glitter and additional eyelashes. What remains is movement, emotion, connection and meaning. The piece unravels the dancers’ kinesthetic skill while revealing humanity and vulnerability.

Premiere Feb 2020 Stoa Helsinki

Directing and choreography: Satu Tuomisto
Dance and ja choreography: Sanna Hento, Tiina Toyoki, Emil Kontinen
Dance: Ritva Salmenautio, Pauli Salmenautio, Aija Soikkeli, Jukka Soikkeli, Jaana Leinonen, Yrjö Leinonen, Eija Karikivi, Reijo Karikivi, Onerva Anttila
Lighting design: Mia Kivinen 

Sound design and composing: Antti Rundelin
Singing: Petra Poutanen-Hurme

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki City
Produced by: Täysillä ry, Tanssibuumi Oy
In collaboration with: Stoa