Kilpatanssi Remix (Ballroom Remix)

Ballroom Remix pulls apart ballroom dancing. Typical ballroom dance patterns and movements are remixed into a dense parallel version. The piece uses ballroom dance in an unpredictable way, shaking the conventions.

The piece gradually peeles off external factors from ballroom dance; practiced facial expressions, glitter and additional eyelashes. What remains is movement, emotion, connection and meaning. The piece unravels the dancers’ kinesthetic skill while revealing humanity and vulnerability.

Scene 1
Directing and choreography: Sanna Hento and Satu Tuomisto
Dance: Onerva Anttila, Eija Karikivi, Reijo Karikivi, Hilkka Laitala, Jukka Laitala, Jaana Leinonen, Yrjö Leinonen, Aija Soikkeli, Jukka Soikkeli
Light Design: Mia Kivinen

Sound design and composing: Antti Rundelin

Scene 2
Directing and choreography: Satu Tuomisto
Dance and choreography: Sanna Hento, Tiina Toyoki, Emil Kontinen
Light Design: Mia Kivinen

Scene 3
Directing and choreography: Satu Tuomisto
Dance and choreography: Sanna Hento
Singing: Petra Poutanen-Hurme
Light Design: Mia Kivinen

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki City
Produced by: Täysillä ry, Tanssibuumi Oy
In collaboration with: Stoa

Premiere 29.2.2020 at 19 Stoa
Other performance dates
5.3., 6.3. and 7.3.2020 at 19 Stoa

On Tour
2.5.2020 at 19 Valve, Oulu (Remix 2 ja 3)
3.5.2020 at 16 Valve, Oulu (Remix 2 ja 3)
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