Kara ja Oke (Kara and Oke)


Alright then bunnies, who’s ready for some karaoke?

Kara and Oke is a contemporary dance performance about burning passion and eager karaoke fans. It’s a cocktail of hidden lust across the room, not quite hitting the right notes and a cloud of quietly whispered secrets. Kara and Oke is funny and touching. The piece wins sympathy votes for its vulnerability, but it also stands admirably strong through tears and laughter.

Kara and Oke is contemporary dance with ballroom vibes and lots of negotiation in space. It is moving and it moves you, together and alone. It attacks with full body contact and cries with lack of contact. Sizzling hot energy, detailed movement and a big love to rhythm. Kara and Oke is speed, strength and sweat.


Premiere: 20 April 2011, Nightclub Tähti, Oulu


Choreographer: Satu Tuomisto
Dancers: Anssi Kirkonpelto, Elena Ruuskanen, Teemu Tuohimaa and Miina-Anniina Heiskanen, Heli Jaakola, Mia Jaatinen, Carmen Kekki, Tiina Kilponen, Mimmi Marjamaa, Mari Numminen, Kaisa Rundelin, Tiina Santavuo, Annika Tuoma, Matti Timonen.
Sound designer: Lauri Tuohimaa
Lighting designer: Jari Haavikko
Technicians: Jari Haavikko, Petri Busk
Video projection: Mikko Pohjola
Stills photographer: Elina Kinnunen
Costume designer: Maija Pihlaja
Rehearsal director: Outi Martikainen
Marketing: Oulu UAS Communication Services
Co-produced by: JoJo – Oulun Tanssin Keskus ry, Oulu UAS and Satu Tuomisto
Funding: Arts Council of Finland


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