Jatkumo (Continuum)

Continuum is a concert and dance performance.
Premiered: 15 June 2018, Helsinki Music Centre, Black Box

Continuum is a concert and dance performance. It explores the fundamental elements of rhythm, texture, movement and human connection, building on the concept of resonance as both a physical sensation and a metaphor for intercultural interaction, dialogue and collaboration. A dialogue is created between musicians and dancers from different backgrounds, investigating themes of identity, diversity, human connection, borders, struggle, perseverance and the search for common ground, striving for a state where the performers are taken over by the music and movement itself.

Adriano Adewale, percussion, berimbau, vocals
Amandine Doat, dance
Otso Lähdeoja, electronics
Fornier Ortiz, dance
Petra Poutanen-Hurme, vocals
Njara Rasolo, dance
Nathan Riki Thomson, augmented double bass, stomp box, ilimba, vocals
Satu Tuomisto, choreography
Elina Valtonen, dance

Duration: 60 mins
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki
Produced by: Satu Tuomisto Project, Nathan Riki Thomson and Uniarts Helsinki

Premiered: 15.6.2018 Helsinki Music Centre Black Box
Other performances:
1.10.2018 The International Theatre of Finland, Revontuli Hall, Espoo, this performance is part of Globe Art Point´s GAP LAB project supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, TICKETS