Halu (Urge)


HALU (translates as “Urge” in English) is a Finnish-Canadian-Korean contemporary dance performance about wanting.

We want this and we want that, we want these, those, there, here, him, her, now, everything.
We live our lives from one urge to another. Getting what we want can be a great pleasure – although often it just creates another desire.

HALU is energetic movement, strong music, explicit emotions and lots of wanting. And perhaps some getting.

Choreographer Satu Tuomisto
Dancers Byung-hwa Kim, Han-Song Kim, Song-I Park, Jin-Ju Lee (/NOW Dance Company) and Sofia Pintzou, Fornier Ortiz (/Satu Tuomisto +Comp)
Composer Otso Lähdeoja
Musician Lauri Tuohimaa
Lights Heo-Hwan

HALU is co-produced by NOW Dance Company (Seoul, South Korea), JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre (Oulu, Finland), Matralab/Hexagram (Montreal, Canada) and Satu Tuomisto +Comp (Finland).

Premiere 27.-28.2.2013 at M Theatre in Seoul, South Korea